Watch Our Webinar: Geodesign Applied in Practice

COVID-19 is head-spinning and leaving us all wondering about our future. But as designers and planners, our job has always been to focus on making the future better than today. When this pandemic has passed, it will be a new world – with new opportunities. The questions you are likely asking:

  • How can our office be strategically prepared to respond to the post-pandemic new world?
  • How can I provide powerful services that deliver greater respect for place and create superior value for the client, the community and their resources?
  • What tools do I need to manipulate data so answers can be easily provided?

Geodesign is a proven approach with dynamic tools that will prepare you for success in this new era of design and planning.  And now is the time to prepare by expanding your skills, and your office capacityfor these practices.  Watch our webinar and learn how Geodesign is being applied in practice and how you can gain valuable expertise to help elevate your career aspirations.


“Geodesign has opened up new realms for designers and laypersons to use data and research to create scenarios (in real time). … Geodesign enables ‘backcasting’ - forecasting changes into the future to inform decisions we make today.”

          ~ Lisa DuRussel, RLA, LEED AP, Assistant Professor, Practitioner in Residence, Penn State Landscape Architecture 
"The pandemic is driving digital transformation, which is why the Penn State program’s virtual online approach is so powerful. It was the future, and the future is now.”
          ~ Shannon McElvaney. Global Director of Geodesign, Jacobs, 2019 Penn State MPS in Geodesign




Information about geodesign webinar from Penn State.