Our Team

PSU Geodesign team at the 2016 ESRI Geodesign Summit

The Penn State Geodesign Program is housed in the College of Arts and Architecture’s, Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.  We are part of the Department of Landscape Architecture and currently have seven dedicated faculty members as well as an Advisory Board with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.


Ms. Kelleann Foster - Lead Faculty, Director of Graduate Programs in Geodesign

Mr. James Sipes - Sand County Studios

Mr. David Goldberg - Associate Clinical Professor of Landscape Architecture & Technology Operations Manager - Stuckeman School

Dr. Mintai Kim, LEED AP - Virginia Tech

Mr. Rob Stauder - Jacobs Engineering

Dr. Brian Lee - Associate Professor, U of Kentucky.



Amy Anderson, PlaceWays, CO

Hrishi Ballal: Geodesign Hub, UK

Eric Bernard: Landscape Architecture Dept. Chair, Texas Tech University

Sven Bilen: School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs, Penn State

David Blau: EDAW/ AECOM (Retired), Keep Tahoe Blue, CA

Robert Cheetham: Azavea, PA

Stephen Ervin: Assistant Dean for Information Technology, Harvard University

Michael Flaxman: Geodesign Technologies, CA & PSU Faculty

Chuck Hixon: EDGE-Global Technology Solutions, NY

Kristen Kurland: Professor of Architecture, Information Systems, and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

Brian Lee: University of Kentucky & PSU Faculty

Doug Miller: Program Manager MGIS, Penn State

Brooks Patrick: Esri, CA

Anthony Robinson: Lead Faculty, GIS/MGIS program, Penn State

Caitlin Smith: ESRI, CA

Jim Sipes: Sand County Studios, GA & PSU Faculty

Carl Steinitz: Professor Emeritus, Harvard University; Honorary Professor, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

Ann Taylor: Director of Dutton Institute, Penn State

Eric Wittner: Esri, CA


Arts & Architecture - Office of Digital Learning

Rebecca Joiner: Instructional Designer


Penn State Department of Landscape Architecture

Kelleann Foster: Director of Stuckeman School

David Goldberg: Stuckeman IT manager, Geodesign Faculty

Larry Gorenflo: ERS Chair in Design

Dan Meehan: Geodesign Program Manager

Tim Murtha: Department of Landscape Architecture and Center for Latin American Studies. University of Florida

Danielle Oprean: SCDC Post-Doctoral Fellow

Brian Orland: Professor Emeritus; Rado Family Foundation Professor in Geodesign, University of Georgia

Eliza Pennypacker: Landscape Architecture Department Head