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Overview - MPS Capstone Project & Process

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Goal of your Geodesign Capstone project

The capstone project demonstrates the MPS in Geodesign student's ability to apply advanced knowledge and skills related to the geodesign framework process in a way that makes a substantial contribution to his or her professional work.  This is the culmination of the MPS degree and therefore builds upon the skills and knowledge the student has attained to date, and enables the student to conduct his/her own geodesign project, with guidance from a faculty advisor.

Here is a link to a StoryMap that showcases some of our MPS student's work!


The four main “phases” of your Capstone project:

1)  PRE-PROPOSAL (350- 500 words) : used by PSU staff to find a suitable match for your faculty advisor; due minimum 2 months prior to taking GEODZ 596A.  This is a narrative discussion of project-type, initial thoughts how you might conduct the project and why it's important.  Include at a minimum two citations/ references that relate to the topic, or the project-type.

2)  Take GEODZ 596A to develop the precise details of your Capstone project, such as overall goal for the project, the process framework, such as all the steps you will take, who you will contact/ involve, etc. as well as expected outcomes.  You will work directly with your faculty advisor during this course AND prepare a final, peer-reviewed presentation at the end of the class.  The goal of this course is to prepare and present a rational, persuasive and professional-caliber proposal for your geodesign capstone project.  Read more about GEODZ 596A.

3)  DO IT—conduct your Capstone project as identified in GEODZ 596A, in consultation with your faculty advisor.

4)  During #3 (or maybe even #2), anticipate timing of conclusion of project and submit proposal to present your final capstone project results at a conference (mutually agreed to by you and your faculty advisor).  Alternatively, write an article for publication about your capstone project process and results (publication mutually agreed to by you and your faculty advisor).  You will register for GEODZ 596B in the semester when you’ll present or submit for publication.  Read more about GEODZ 596B.


Geodesign Capstone Project Resources

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