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In the fall 2021 semester, Penn State graduate students explored real-world land use and planning challenges in revisioning Toronto’s waterfront through a 14-week geodesign collaborative studio.

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Kelleann Foster, a long-time professor of landscape architecture in the Stuckeman School and the director of the online Geodesign graduate program, retired from Penn State on Dec. 31, 2021.

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Geodesign History, Theory, Principles
Geodesign Models I: Decision and Evaluation
Geodesign Models II: Process and Impact
Geodesign Models III: Change and Representation

What is geodesign?

Land use and planning challenges confronting us exceed the reach of conventional approaches. Geodesign is proactive planning in action. It is an innovative yet well-proven approach making an impact worldwide. Geodesign’s remarkable success lies in its unique combination of science/GIS + design – engaging interdisciplinary collaborators and building consensus among stakeholders, while assessing their needs and values, then tying those to the most relevant geospatial information – Geodesign is the way we must design to achieve a sustainable future for our communities and the planet.

Here’s a cool thing about Geodesign: once you learn this unique design process, it can be applied to a wide variety of issues and settings.  Check out 15 examples from across the globe that illustrate the Geodesign process.  These showcase effectively using Geodesign to create vibrant viable design solutions for complex challenges.

Can Geodesign be learned online? Our students overwhelmingly say absolutely!

“I was surprised at how diverse my classmates were [...] a lot of people who I would consider to be my peers professionally. It was nice. A lot of people brought a variety of different, interesting perspectives to the conversation.” ~ALN, 2021

Penn State Geodesign courses are online and most are asynchronous to allow flexibility for working professionals, enabling participation as individual schedules permit.

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