Geodesign Models I: Decision and Evaluation

Our second geodesign course focuses on two of the framework models: Evaluation and Decision. In GEODZ 822, students learn how structured decision-making defines a geodesign study's methodology as effective decisions influence all framework models. They identify the relevant impacts of concern, how geography is evaluated, and what visual representations are needed to make informed design decisions. Additionally, this course explores how designing at different geographic scales might change the questions and methods of the study. Ultimately, students learn that geodesign is decision-driven, not data-driven.

Students are exposed to the best practices of online asynchronous collaborations, using virtual whiteboarding, shared mind mapping, and a lively discussion forum as a highly interactive class.

Students find the techniques learned in this class are immediately applicable to their work:

“Utilizing tools and techniques (learned in GEODZ 822), we (our company) built consensus around a rank-ordered set of priorities... I've gotten great feedback about this process and there seems to be a level of understanding and unity among each department that did not previously exist.”  - Z. Goodwin, Geodesign Certificate student

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View a video about this class from a Geodesign Summit presentation.