We are excited to share a series of short videos to help better explain Geodesign. In these 2 - 4 minute films, students, faculty, alumni, and practitioners share how Geodesign has impacted them and why they believe it is a game changer.

The #WhyIGeodesign campaign generated a great response! This StoryMap provides a fun, easy way to quickly see inspiring reasons people love geodesign. Feel free to add your reasons to the #WhyIGeodesign dialogue!

Read a student account of how our Geodesign courses prepared her for an internship with ESRI.

Curious if learning online is for you? Five current geodesign students and recent alumni will share their experiences and answer your questions.

Geodesign is the term for a revolutionary design process having an impact worldwide. Click here to watch a short video

Geodesign is a proven approach with dynamic tools that will prepare you for success in this new era of design and planning. Check out the webinar!

Over the past three semesters, Faculty and Staff from our Geodesign and Landscape Architecture programs have been assisting Penn State President Dr. Eric Barron on a local project.

Learn how our students worked with real world stakeholders to help solve problems around Yellowstone NP.

Shannon McElvaney, the first graduate of the PSU Masters in Geodesing program, writes about how his capstone project helped turn arond a planning process in his own back yard.

In the upcoming 2019 ESRI Geodesign Summit, attendees will get a look at what is next for Geodesign.