Watch our webinar on Land Use Planning using Geodesign as a framework.

Bill Miller worked at Esri for 15 years—re-engineering their training program, initiating Esri Press, and developing Esri’s virtual campus—while also leading several product development efforts.

Dr. Mintai Kim joins the faculty of Penn State’s online Geodesign graduate program this fall.

The PSU Geodesign team will again be at the 2017 ESRI Users Conference in San Diego, California.

The best way for students to learn about geodesign is to apply their learning to real world projects, especially because many of the online students are already in the workforce.

In its broadest sense, geodesign combines the art of design with the science of geography to incorporate stakeholder input, creative design techniques, rigorous methodologies, spatial analysis, and mapping.

What happens when creativity and science come together? The power to design our world is unleashed, providing tools to inform choices about how we live!

"The student avatar in the blue shirt stood in a virtual classroom, flanked by faculty and fellow student avatars..."

At the 2016 Geodesign Summit in Redlands, CA, Professor David Goldberg spoke about the Penn State Geodesign graduate programs.